For every highly successful business, nine others started near the same time
failed to achieve such success and more likely failed to survive. Why?

There are many reasons but one truly stands out. The successful one likely
was reinvented, eventually more than once.

Indeed, even the founders of those successful businesses reinvented themselves
to become the entrepreneurs who often reinvented industries, customers and
occasionally society itself.

Likewise, 90% of family businesses don’t make it successfully through the third
generation. What enables the 10% who beat that curse? Again, reinvention—here,
of both the businesses and the family members.

Invent Reinvent Thrive tells the stories of the founders of: Starbucks, Costco, Staples,
CDW, Charles Schwab & others, and the families that own companies and products such as: Hyatt, Seagram’s, General Dynamics, Jet & Ebony Magazines, Radisson, TGIF & others.

Their stories are fascinating and the lessons gleaned from them, through many
hours of personal interviews have been described as extremely interesting, invaluable
and profound.